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Your TeamGuru Makeover

Published by Kristyna Gunter Kristyna Gunter · Sept 8, 2022
Your TeamGuru Makeover

Why should I get one?

To make your daily life in TeamGuru so much more productive and enjoyable. Dash forward to a faster, smarter, and more complex world with a clean solution. Get the edge through:

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy navigation
  • Fresh colors
  • Clean interface
  • Simplicity & efficiency

What is the story behind this change?

You have shared your challenges and we have listened. At some point during the past two years, we have realized that the setbacks you are facing are here to stay. This has fueled our passion to keep adding even more value to you than ever before. We know that many of you spend a lot of time in TeamGuru every day and it’s vital to us that you are as productive as possible while having a great user experience.

What can I expect?​     

  • The minimal, fresh, and modern look of your TeamGuru
  • A choice between light or dark banner & menu
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Crisp and fitting icons

Straightforward design

When can I expect it?

Coming to you in September 2022

What do I have to do?

Absolutely nothing! Just wait for the release and enjoy your new & simplified TeamGuru.

Thank you for being part of TeamGuru family and sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback and great improvement ideas. 

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