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Eliminate Your Risks

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · June 14, 2022
Eliminate Your Risks


Improve your SAFETY Alerts

Would you like to expand your statistics and gain deeper insights?

Define your KEY attributes. Check on your mandatory or custom fields and monitor them in your report. CHART your safety alert data for immediate and long-term impact. 


** Note: custom and mandatory fields need to be set up in your system settings. If needed, contact your system administrator.

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SAME Action x MULTIPLE Responsible = 1 click

Do you have an action item that needs to be completed individually?

Enable your extraordinary power when you are creating your action. We will take care of the rest for YOU. 


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ADD External Links to Your X-Matrix

Would you like to link your key improvement priorities with the external document? 

Go to your document settings and add a link to your project. 

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Unclutter & Archive Your Items

Are your team members selecting items that are not applicable any longer?

Archive your obsolete 8D Templates and others. 

Including Region, LOB, Countries, Problem / Reject Type, Sub Commodity Owner, Part number, Customer, or Material / Service.

 8D Template

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* Please note some tasks might require sufficient rights. 


Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?




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