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What's YOUR Training Status?

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Aug 12, 2022
What's YOUR Training Status?

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Skills vs Training Status 

Do you know the training status of your employees or which skills need your attention?

Manage, plan and monitor existing and desired skills using the newly added feature.


I want to view the training status for...

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Dashboard's Tree Structure 

Would you like to set up a hierarchy for your objects?

Now you can collapse or expand individual sections. Large dashboards will become more transparent with an option to drill down to lower levels.      

collapse new

I want to set up an object hierarchy for my dashboard

line 4

Hide & Seek Cumulative Line

Do you need to hide a cumulative value line in your Pareto? 

Make a choice to show or hide the line in your Report in the Performance statistics widget. 

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Mass Management of Users' Accounts 

Do you need to modify multiple users' accounts at once?

Go ahead and make changes based on the account type, access, or remove details following GDPR compliance. 

remove users data

* System administrative rights required

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System Announcements to ALL Users

Are you a system administrator who needs to inform all users about any important event? 

You WILL LOVE this!!! 

Customize, schedule & send the important notification within the system to all your users as needed.


* System administrative rights required

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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?


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