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Dough-Nut Miss These Enhancements

Jana Kuchařová · Sept 17, 2022

And celebrate with us your new ... Read more

Your TeamGuru Makeover

Kristyna Gunter · Sept 8, 2022

Meet your attractive, clean, and simplified workspace Read more

@Ping Your Colleague from KPI Field

Eva Strapková · Aug 25, 2022

Notify your colleagues directly from your data entry comment field, and that's not all. Read more

EXPAND Your KPIs Objectives

Kate Apking · Aug 15, 2022

Drilling can be thrilling. Get down to lower levels if needed and add transparency to ... Read more

What's YOUR Training Status?

Kate Apking · Aug 12, 2022

Go big or go home! CHOOSE BIG. You've been waiting for this moment to ... Read more

Home Sweet Home of TeamGuru

Kate Apking · July 28, 2022

Are you excited about YOUR vacation time? How about a special destination tip to ... Read more

Fine-Tune Your Groove

Jana Kuchařová · July 27, 2022

Ready to rock? Send chills to your crowd using these... Read more

Eliminate Your Risks

Kate Apking · June 14, 2022

No need to take risks with your Safety Alerts enhancements. Care more ... Read more

Smooth like James Bond

Kate Apking · June 9, 2022

Master your communication skills and turn any interaction into a winning alliance. There is... Read more

Scroll & Roll with your New ADDS

Kate Apking · June 1, 2022

Take it easy with your team. Pin your projects to your team's board and savor the object's menu ... Read more

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