TeamGuru is the ultimate leadership tool for lean operations teams worldwide.

We help organizations achieve their goals faster. 

A Brief History of TeamGuru.

TeamGuru was founded in 2011 by Pavel Humlicek and Patrik Sykora, with a vision to dramatically improve the experience of leaders managing complex organizations. Early on, TeamGuru was adopted by Walter and Honeywell to support their leadership operating systems, and ever since, TeamGuru has been growing quickly. Interestingly, TeamGuru has never employed a traditional sales team, and has primarily grown thanks to "raving fans" sharing their experiences with other leaders.

Pavel Humlicek

CEO and Co-Founder

Pavel enjoys tackling complex problems and turning them into simple and beautiful solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in lean, quality, and operations management.

Patrik Sykora

CTO and Co-Founder

Patrik provides product and technology guidance and leads the effort to build the top integrated leadership platform.

Our Core Values.

Making Life Easier

Making Life Easier

We are passionate about finding ways to make your work life easier and less cluttered, so you can spend more time on things that truly matter.

Constant Innovation

Constant Innovation

The constant and never-ending innovation of the TeamGuru platform goes hand-in-hand with the changing business environment and your needs.

Better & Faster Decisions

Better & Faster Decisions

We assist our customers in making better-informed decisions, more easily and quickly. The results of actions are visible in real time.

The World Feels Small.

Even though our customers are located all around the world, we feel as if they were our next-door neighbors. We are grateful for the interactions with all the smart leaders who inspire us to keep improving TeamGuru every day!

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59 Countries
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