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EASIEST Project Metrics You've Ever Seen

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · May 7, 2021
EASIEST Project Metrics You've Ever Seen

Are you missing easy connection between your projects and metrics? Your frustration and time-consuming spreadsheet updates end here. Make your metrics more accessible and visible directly from your project.

That's where TeamGuru comes to your rescue with simple 'Project Metrics'.

Would you like to rather direct more energy to execute your actions than to play chase & tag with your project data?

TeamGuru will hand you a full support to:

  • Review LIVE metric values & status directly from your project overview
  • Manage your metrics manually or AUTOMATICALLY from your project's 'mini dashboard'
  • Track your automated metrics development over time for deeper understanding
  • Display TREND graphs to get immediate visual performance overview
  • Drive your Root Cause Analysis straight from your project metrics
  • Stay connected with your team and follow important metric-related comments and much MORE...

Project management doesn't need to be harder than it is.

What else can we deliver to make YOUR life simplified?


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