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TRUTH or DARE? Communication is the key

Published by Kristyna Gunter Kristyna Gunter · Dec 16, 2019
TRUTH or DARE? Communication is the key

Truth, communication is mightily important. And when it comes to your data, even more so. Great news is, you don’t have to settle for chaotic exchange over endless stream of emails. In TeamGuru, you can dare and add comments right next to the data being entered (or updated) and have your information instantly shared with those that need to know. 

And why to stop there? 

All the comments can be displayed quickly and neatly in the overview pane next to any dashboard where relevant metric and unit is added.

What if my data and comments are just entry level?

Do not despair! Leadership can drill down to access the same information from their top-tier dashboards regardless where the data have been entered.  

Brilliant, right? 

Even more brilliant is the user’s ability to embed the comments directly within their dashboards. The comments are on par with the metric data making the review so much more organized and enjoyable. Now that is what we call SMART LEADERSHIP! 

Want to become part of the smart group? Reach out to us! We would love to share the tools and collective knowledge with you!   ​

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