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Are you the Scrooge of Annual Evaluations?

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Nov 22, 2019
Are you the Scrooge of Annual Evaluations?

HAVE YOU BEEN GOOD OR BAD? It is a merry & bright time of the year when annual employee evaluations are scheduled. Hmm, doesn’t sound so merry anymore? I know the evaluation process can be dreadful. But here comes the BUT (of course). It doesn’t need to be!!!  

Do you think these 4 steps might change your mind?


Set up the performance standards and specific goals for each employee at the beginning of the year. Also revisit and modify them through the year and check in with your employees. Don’t forget! No preparation, no fun evaluation. So get ready. 


First, RIP that BANDAGE. Faster better. There is no way around this. Instead get your mind set to MUST DO. Employee performance review is very important and will help you tremendously to improve overall performance. Better communication and more qualified, motivated employees you have - HAPPIER you are going to be with running your team and company. 


Let the employees do their self-reviews.  The written development goals backed up with EVIDENCE will help you to clarify easily all the achievements and expectations. Also, let your managers complete team members’ evaluations and vice versa. You would be surprise how much HOT and valuable info you can get. 

All done. Well, not so fast. Now it's your turn. You can bring your evaluations game to a whole new level when you take simple notes for each employee throughout the year. You will LOVE these notes when it is time to prepare for the review and your colleagues will respect you for that. Prepare few bullet points and list all the goals that you’ve set for the employee. Acknowledge which goals were met or not.

Be honest and specific. Don’t say for example – improve results, work faster and harder. It doesn’t do you any good. Set exact numbers, percentage, clear margins and goals. 


Motivate your employees and navigate them how they can grow and shine. Set the personal actions and deadlines in place as soon as the review is done. Even WONDER WOMAN doesn’t want to be wondering what and when is needed from her. She needs a guidance to reach her goals too. Stay realistic. 

Are you still dragging your feet? Then please talk to us. We are here to HELP YOU.  We can show you how you can:

SIMPLIFY AND AUTOMATE your evaluations online / Set up individual & team actions / Link required important working documents with Skill matrix and TRACK PRODUCTIVITY OF ALL THE ACTIONS for each employee.

Average preparation gets you just average outcomes. An outstanding one, will get you the GOLD results. 



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