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This Is How You Run a Successful Strategy Deployment Workshop

Published by Pavel Humlíček Pavel Humlíček · Nov 15, 2019
This Is How You Run a Successful Strategy Deployment Workshop

Are you about to organize a Hoshin Planning Workshop? Are you terrified? Use the following 6 powerful steps and turn your workshop into a gigantic success.

1. Plan The Workshop

You want to do the workshop in a team setting that involves all people with specific insights and hands-on experience within your business. If possible - change your usual environment to get away from the “distractions of daily execution”. Circulate the questions and requests for data so that people come prepared.

2. Start With a Vision & Mission Refresh

Ask the team the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your company?
  • What business are you really in?
  • What do we want to achieve in the world?
  • How does our success look like?

3. Understand Internal And External Environment

Go through the internal factors:

  • Where are we as a company (company life cycle)?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses?

And don't forget to think about your industry and other external factors:

  • Where is the market going?
  • How about your competitors?
  • How does technology or legal environment affect your business?

4. Review Your Current Strategies

  • Are your long-term objectives previously defined still valid?
  • What was a real impact of the previous annual objectives and projects / actions taken?
  • What have you learned executing the past / current strategic initiatives?

5. Define Powerful Objectives

  • What do you want to achieve next year to feel awesome about you work?
  • WIN WIN WIN - what objectives / actions will serve your business AND your employees AND your customers the most?

6. Play It Smart

You want your strategic initiatives to have a REAL impact. If you make it just an exercise that gets forgotten the next week, it makes no sense to do it in the first place. How to assure that is actually works:

  • Keep it simple - if possible limit your long term objectives to 2 or 3 and your annual objectives to 5-10
  • Assure clear accountability - every objective and priority needs to have 1 primary owner
  • Make it part of your daily business - agree how the projects are to be managed and reviewed
  • Agree / schedule the next physical steps that need to happen (employee communication event, project kick-off, leadership meetings etc.)

And yes, you don’t need to keep it all in the spreadsheets. Check how you can leverage TeamGuru's Strategy Deployment Module to master your strategies, execution plans and results in a simple / visual system.

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