Fast and Furious Execution in Metric Dashboards

Published by Kate Apking
Kate Apking · Jan 9, 2020
Kate Apking
Jan 9, 2020
Fast and Furious Execution in Metric Dashboards

Your goose bumps may fully activate when we share with you our newest enhancement. TeamGuru will take you for an exhilarating ride using a new single-page dashboard technology that significantly increases your satisfaction and comfort of working with metric dashboards. You will notice that main advantages include:

  • Quick to instant switching between dashboards (woot woot!)
  • Faster and more satisfying navigation across organizational structure 
  • Powerful link to precise location within the dashboard on particular user view, specific time period, or drill down panel

Do you enjoy our BLAZING and LIGHTNING TeamGuru performance? Hold on to your hat because we have more coming your way. Our team is working hard to gradually implement these and many other improvements across all our main modules. And we wish that you enjoy them all. As always, we appreciate your insights and feedback with the upmost gratitude. We are always very excited to hear from you.

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