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Top Business & Operations Trends in 2021

Published by Pavel Humlíček Pavel Humlíček · Jan 27, 2021
Top Business & Operations Trends in 2021

As the businesses navigate through the difficult (post)COVID times, it becomes obvious that many things in our lives and businesses have changed. To some extent it will never be the same again.

Why is it that some companies come out of the crisis as winners while others fail?

It might have a lot to do with the internal Management Operating Systems and their ability to be flexible. Companies need to deliver the most value to the customers no matter the circumstances.

At TeamGuru we work with some of the best lean teams in a myriad of fields. We can see that the successful leaders have shifted their thinking and are now looking for new ways to manage in the following areas.

1. Business Models & Innovation

  • Moving away from isolated products to integrated offerings (e.g., Product - Training - Ongoing Support & Service)
  • Developing long-term customer relationships (e.g., subscriptions vs. one-time purchases)
  • Creating platforms with network effects (the more people use the product or services; the more value users get)
  • Strategic acquisitions to drive innovation
  • COVID related pivots (e.g., going from offline to online environment)

2. Sales and Marketing Trends

  • Moving away from traditional face-to-face sales systems
  • Creating new sales & marketing roles: Digital Marketeers, Analysts, User Experience Designers, Content Creators
  • Creating personalized sales experiences (e.g., customizing website contents individually for every visitor based on their specific interests)

3. Nurturing Raving Fans

  •  The true global competition is here, and many companies can quickly move new markets if the offering is outstanding
  •  Being good is no longer enough, the products and services need to adopt “wow factor” and fit with customer’s identity

4. People and Remote Work

  • Digitization utilized to connect the data and make it available 24x7 regardless of location 
  • Home Office Design is starting to be a serious topic - companies start focusing on developing ergonomic and videoconference-ready designs / guidelines their employees’ home offices

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