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Slick Reports with a Twist

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Oct 5, 2020
Slick Reports with a Twist


Have you have been swinging and twisting to the sound of music in our 1-minute Report Challenge? If you haven’t yet, don’t miss out. Check how to make a report in 60 seconds.

However, today we would like to highlight some of the unique features for  your Charts in metric dashboards and reports. 

  • Do you monitor your Top/Bottom performers and Significant movers? Display progress for your significant movers, not only by absolute values, but also as a PERCENTAGE CHANGE. This option is available in dashboard's statistics and in your report's performance widget.

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  • Do you report your data weekly from Monday to Friday, weekends excluded? Great news! You will now be able to eliminate the redundant data gap in your charts. 


  • Do your reports include many slides with the same layout BUT with data for different organization units? We made data entity's selection easier and automated. 

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Tired of clicking and time-consuming setup? Avoid all the extra work and watch our video instead.

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