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Project Report - Your 1-Minute Challenge

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · May 21, 2020
Project Report - Your 1-Minute Challenge

Do you relate to either one of these scenarios? Your meeting is coming up. Team is planning to go over all the important projects.

Scenario 1: You are the "lucky" one to prepare the report. There is only one problem though - it TAKES FOREVER to create and modify such a report. Are you still waiting for updates from some of your team members or systems? 

Scenario 2: You are the leader and need your team to spend their valuable time on other tasks than preparing a time-consuming project report. What if you could do better?  

We have a great solution for you! TeamGuru enables you to pull project actions of your choice (open, archived, top urgent, overdue etc.) to your report directly from within the system. That way you can prepare the most updated report within a minute. That's a promise! You can include actions from more than one project at once, use customized filters and more.

Are you ready with your stopwatch? Ready, steady, GO...

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