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Metrics Made Even Smarter

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Aug 11, 2020
Metrics Made Even Smarter

Are your metrics designed well? Tracking, monitoring and performance analysis are major indicators of gaps and losses when you run your business, and that's why they need to be set up perfectly.

Metrics in TeamGuru are highly customized to suit your needs.  Let’s ignite your curiosity a little and share a few benefits:  

  • *NEW – Avoid incorrect data reporting - make your metric definition clear, easily accessible & linked to related documents 
  • Triple your productivity with automatic calculations - roll up metric data in time and to a different entity level 
  • Execute your actions - initiate RCCA or 8D directly from your dashboard 
  • Be on top of your performance progress – monitor metric status directly from your strategic X-Matrix 
  • Eliminate manual & time-consuming conversions across your company - set up automatic data values conversion 
  • Compare data with your prior years
  • Evaluate your improvement faster & easier – track metric statistics and use trend charts, and MUCH MORE.

*Our newest features will help you to understand how to report data correctly while following your company’s standardized procedures. 

Who wouldn’t like their team to be on the same page?

Check how you can make your metric’s information easily accessible whenever it is needed.


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