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GAIN a Purr-e VIEW

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Sept 22, 2022
GAIN a Purr-e VIEW

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Switch to FULL-screen view 

Would you like to see your dashboard bigger & better? 

View your dashboard in a full-screen mode presentation.

Zoom IN & OUT as you please. 

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Don't cross the threshold

Would you like to set up thresholds for your KPIs?

Help your team to enter valid metrics values. Just set it up in your metric settings under the "Valid range of values" field. 


* Please note sufficient rights are required.

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Use mass actions for your Skills

Would you like to modify responsible, location, or group for several skills at once? 

The "Show mass actions" feature is now also available for your skills. Scroll down to the bottom & make custom changes. 

show mass

 * Please note sufficient rights are required.

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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?

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