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Dough-Nut Miss These Enhancements

Published by Jana Kuchařová Jana Kuchařová · Sept 17, 2022
Dough-Nut Miss These Enhancements

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Say Hello to Your New and Attractive Work+Space

LEARN MORE by following your heart >> !

or jump right into it ....

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Frequently Selected Users in Your Tasks

Now it is super easy to choose among your "frequently called upon" colleagues in your actions.

No need to type their names, just make a pick from a TeamGuru suggested list.

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Descriptive Tabs in Your Browser 

Do you have multiple tabs in your browser and getting lost between the pages? 

Not in TeamGuru. Find the right page right away. Your TeamGuru tabs will reflect the name of your documents. 

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Employee Skill Card Attachments

Would you like to add personal documents for each employee? 

View all the attachments in one place. 


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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?


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