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Focus on Your PROGRESS

Published by Eva Strapková Eva Strapková · Oct 10, 2022
Focus on Your PROGRESS

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Outline the total of your projects

Do you need to show summarized metric data for a group of projects in your Report?

Go to your chart widget, select project metrics as your data source, and choose additional criteria.


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Include your dashboard actions 

Would you like to review your dashboard actions concisely in one report?  

Select your dashboard as a source document in the Action widget               & display your actions.

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Zoom into your dashboard's view

Check out new upgrades to our recently added functionality.

Switch to a full-screen presentation mode or zoom in & out as needed. Just hover over the X icon to see the options. 

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Prioritize your KPIs in X-matrix 

Do you need extra KPI visualization for your key projects?

Now you can differentiate that linkage. Mark a primary connection with a full dot & use an empty dot for the secondary relation. 

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Import your Skills 

Would you like to import skills into TeamGuru? 

Simply copy+paste your skills using a clipboard or upload your CSV file through the file template.

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Top-listed frequent employees 

A time-saving feature is now available in your Skill Matrix!

Just pick from your personalized list.

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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?


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