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EXPAND Your KPIs Objectives

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Aug 15, 2022
EXPAND Your KPIs Objectives

Do you collect your KPIs for objects with multi-level structures? Many layers to fold or unpeel...

Then you know that it can be a very hard task to keep your metric dashboard's view simple. Too many key performance indicators for too many objects can become messy and not sustainable for getting a clear picture.

How can you work with your data more efficiently?

Based on our client's feedback and their needs, we've launched a new feature for you to MUST TRY. TeamGuru enables you to display the objects on your report in a resemblance to a tree structure hierarchy. This enhancement will help you to collapse or expand individual sections for a detailed or consolidated view. 

Large reports will become more transparent with an option to drill down to lower levels. You can present your leadership with the most important data and at the same time be ready to provide necessary details

collapse new

How do you organize your rollups and groupings? 

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