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Home Sweet Home of TeamGuru

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · July 28, 2022
Home Sweet Home of TeamGuru

Fun, excitement, and love is lingering in the hot summer air just fingertips away. Your inner wild is awakened again and you are about to embark on new adventures. Spread your wings, don't hold back, and have the best summer ever.

And how about throwing a destination tip into the mix?   

I would like to share with you some insights about our small but absolutely beautiful country and home of TeamGuru.

The Czech Republic, literally the heart of Europe, is such an enchanted place to live and visit. You can feel the history breathing at you on every corner, and not only if you are visiting our big cities such as Prague and Brno (our home). You experience a touch of eternity and sweeping views just by walking through any town or traveling our countryside. 

My favorite kind of travel besides bike is a train. You can take a nice train ride, sip a nice cold Czech beer (ultimately the best in the world), and feast on the breathtaking scenery that spreads out in front of your eyes. In fall I love to watch all our meadows sprinkled with bales of hay and cattle, in winter a white sparkly blanket covers every little nook, and in spring and summer valleys are booming, hops are growing and you are submerged in vibrant green color. Oh, what a sight! 

Our land has mountains, valleys, rivers, small rural and folk villages, national parks, wineries, fairy-tale castles, architectural gems and so much more. But it is not just about sightseeing and splendor.

We have a long list of extraordinary and remarkable scientists, poets, composers, and athletes. Czech people are warm, smart, loyal, and friendly. They will take care of you just like that you are one of their own.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your passport, pack your suitcase and come visit. Seize the moment. “Ahoj, Czech Republic, here I come”. We are waiting for you with open arms. And don’t forget one of the most important phrases. “Na zdraví” (Cheers).


Maximize your trip

Have fun like the locals do

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