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LIVESTREAM Business KPIs to Your Report

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Apr 21, 2022
LIVESTREAM Business KPIs to Your Report

Ready, set, go... we are reporting LIVE from TeamGuru! 

TG: How many minutes or rather hours do you spend weekly on updating your excel reports, project progress, and PowerPoint presentations...? 

YOU: Waaaaay too many!!!

TG: What if we tell you that you can significantly decrease or even eliminate the time spent on your weekly report preparation?

YOU: Holy smokes!

TG: Yes! With your TeamGuru friends, you are using LIVE reports and get the most updated data in your presentation - ALWAYS.

YOU: But I still would have to create a new report each week for the leadership meeting. 

TG: Not with us. You simply create your report once and it will automatically create a new timeline with refreshed data for your next reporting period. And what’s more, you can always access your previous reports! Your reporting history is in one place and always at your fingertip. You can also consolidate your report from other locations by incorporating their slides! 

YOU: WHAT?!? How come I am not using it already?! There must be a catch. How do I coordinate it with my team? 

TG: Simply create a dashboard directly in your report and let your team fill in the data. No need to prepare separate dashboards. Start with the metrics and locations you want to see directly in your report. 

If you want to have separate dashboards, that's ok too. You can add them at any time. Your data is in the system regardless of where they had been entered and the values will be displayed automatically anytime and anywhere you add the metric/location combination. No double work or data entry!

dashboard widget

YOU: That is exactly what I need! What can I do to start? 

TG: Reach out to and we will happily get you started on your reports!

What is in your report? 


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