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Craft Your Approval Processes Like Picasso

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Nov 23, 2020
Craft Your Approval Processes Like Picasso

Has your project got derailed by MISSING a major key information due to delayed stream of communication and awaiting necessary approvals?

In that case you know how crucial a document approval process is for conducting your operations effectively and flawlessly. On average, your managers might be juggling between 10-20 documents at a time and must make sure they stay on track and don’t get lost between approvals. 

What is approval process?

Approval process is a set of guidelines necessary to approve business documents for different levels within your organization. It consists of several steps that defines how, when, who and what to approve. Essentially it is a workflow from the first draft version of a document to its final version. 

Why do you need it? 

There are many reasons why having a good approval process in place. It mainly ensures to:

  • Facilitate Standardization - ensures consistency across your company, 
  • Automate notifications and follow-up - informs correct people automatically about any changes, rejections and important timelines, 
  • Improve Accountability – specifies the responsibilities without any miscommunication,
  • Increase productivity - provides a clear direction and control at every stage of the process that saves time and errors along the way. 

What are important elements to implement perfect approval process? 

To create a streamlined approval process, you need to be able to: 

  • Submit, assign (submitters, approvers and reviewers) and specify permissions for your working documents. 
  • Set up automated due dates and notifications (whom to inform, whom to inform when approved, whom to informed when rejected).  
  • Modify, track, review, reject and reapprove your document.

TeamGuru provides multi-level approval process for your documents. You can customize your approval process template and easily set up your document based on that.

Are you streaming your documents correctly? Would you like to establish stronger compliance? 

Catch some inspiration through our video. 

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