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SIMPLIFY Your Project Management

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Mar 25, 2021
SIMPLIFY Your Project Management

As a project manager, you have a responsibility to lead your team to achieve goals in timely and most efficient manner. To optimize your processes and keep everyone on the same page, your project management needs to be immaculate and clear as daylight.

Would you like to bring simplicity to your projects and avoid any disconnection between projects or team members? 

TeamGuru’s project management enables you to:

  • link related projects to your strategy initiative and get instant status overview
  • build connections to your main project automatically based on your project type(s)
  • attach related projects to any of your action items *NEW*
  • manage any related actions under ONE OUTLINE within your main strategic initiative *NEW* 

Your main project dates will be automatically updated based on your sub-actions and sub-projects. 

Now, that's the way to spice up your projects. 

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