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TeamGuru's Babel Fish Moment: Now Fluent in 16 Languages!

Published by Samantha Johnson Samantha Johnson · Sept 14, 2023
TeamGuru's Babel Fish Moment: Now Fluent in 16 Languages!

Greetings, TeamGuru enthusiasts!

Hold on to your hats and glasses, because we're about to unveil a global-sized announcement that'll make your inner polyglot rejoice!

TeamGuru has expanded its linguistic horizons!

That's right! While we’ve been hard at work helping streamline your team processes, we've also mastered not one, not two, but thirteen new languages! And no, this isn’t just our attempt at world domination (or is it?)

Without further ado, here's how TeamGuru is breaking the language barrier:

  1. English (Always here for you!)
  2. Chinese (你好, our friends from the world's biggest market!)
  3. Spanish (¡Hola to our amigos across continents!)
  4. German (Hallo, Wirtschaftsmagnate!)
  5. French (Salut to the chic businesses of la France!)
  6. Japanese (こんにちは, tech giants of 日本!)
  7. Portuguese (Olá, Brazilian and Portuguese trailblazers!)
  8. Korean (안녕하세요, innovators of 한국!)
  9. Italian (Ciao, Italy, with your flair for design and innovation!)
  10. Dutch (Hallo, the pioneers from the Netherlands!)
  11. Polish (Cześć, Polska!)
  12. Czech (Tak určitě, out beer-drinking friends!)
  13. Swedish (Hej, the Scandinavian trendsetters!)
  14. Lithuanian (Sveiki, Lietuva!)
  15. Hungarian (Helló, Magyarország!)
  16. Slovak (And still saying Ahoj to our neighbors!)

Our mission? To ensure TeamGuru speaks the language of business, be it in bustling Beijing, trendy Tokyo, stylish Seoul, or anywhere in between. By embracing these languages, we aim to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and ensure that every team, big or small, feels right at home.

Give TeamGuru a Spin in Your Native Language!

While we’ve worked diligently to break down the language barriers, we acknowledge that we're not native speakers in all these languages. We understand that you are, and your perspective is invaluable to us. If you notice any terms or phrases that don't quite hit the mark, please don't hesitate to let us know via the TeamGuru Support Portal. We're eager to learn and improve so that TeamGuru can truly resonate in every tongue.

A giant GRACIAS, MERCI, DANKE, DĚKUJI and a thank you in every tongue to our dedicated developers, self-taught linguists, and of course, YOU, our global community. Your support is the wind beneath our multilingual wings.

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