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Sharing with your Partners

Published by Eva Strapková Eva Strapková · June 30, 2023
Sharing with your Partners

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Sharing information with external Partners 

Boost your productivity with TeamGuru's hassle-free document sharing feature for external partners. Now, effortlessly locate shared documents by keeping an eye out for the distinctive red "Shared with External Partners" icon.

Need to find all documents shared with a specific company? Look no further than our Partners module, where you'll discover a consolidated list of shared documents for each partner and contact. Take your collaboration to new heights with TeamGuru's efficient document sharing capabilities!

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Maximize Your LSW Descriptions

Say goodbye to limited space and hello to boundless possibilities! Now with ample room to capture all the important details. Whether you would like to include specifications, instructions, or additional information, you now have the freedom to express it all. 

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View Complete Metric Titles with Ease

Are you using long metric names?

Say goodbye to truncated metric names! With our latest update, you can now view the complete titles of your metrics by simply hovering over them in the dashboard. No more guessing or cutting off important information. Experience enhanced clarity and ease of use with this handy feature.


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Effortless Export: Skill Matrix & Documents in Excel

Now you can easily export and analyze your team's skills and competencies, as well as manage and organize your documents with greater flexibility. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making and streamline your workflow by exporting these valuable insights directly to Excel. Take your productivity to the next level with TeamGuru's enhanced functionality.

1. Export your Skill Matrix 


2. Export your Documents


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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?

Right on! Our team is ready to answer your questions or assist whenever you need it. 


(Please note some tasks might require sufficient rights.)

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