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TeamGuru Outlook: What's in the Pipeline

Published by Pavel Humlíček Pavel Humlíček · Oct 30, 2018
TeamGuru Outlook: What's in the Pipeline

Since launching TeamGuru back in 2011 we have released over 1100 enhancements. As learning & improvement never stops we keep improving the platform everyday. Interestingly enough the pace keeps increasing with the advances in new technologies, and also with learning more about your organizations and linking the missing dots.

Today we have pulled together a short sneak peak of some of our top enhancement priorities for the remainder of 2018 and Q1/Q2 2019.

1. Team LSW - We are happy to announce that our new functionality Team LSW is now available.

Many of you have been using the Leadership Standardized Work module to define and track your recurring actions that are needed to keep the business running well and making sure that your customers are happy.

We are now working on a major enhancement that will allow you to create a Team LSW with different owners of individual tasks. In this way you can either create the LSW for the entire team or a specific process area (e.g. gemba walks, KPI reviews).

As you know, a well-designed LSW has a massive positive impact on company's effectiveness and can build best practices into the daily routines of all team members.

2. Best Practices Module

The idea of sharing best practices is widely understood and most of the leaders would agree that it is an improvement business process. However it looks as though very rarely there is an effective tool that would be available to the teams to effectively do so.

We have decided to change this. The new TeamGuru module will allow teams to capture a best practice, categorize it and share it with the relevant audience (inside or even outside of your company). Your users will then be able to internally up vote the practices so that it will be easy to find the practices of the highest value to the company.

3. Smart Search

We are designing a new way of retrieving data from TeamGuru. The new search feature will allow you to quickly look up documents based on the details entered. It will prioritize the documents that you visit often. You will also be able to get immediate answers to questions like: What is the delivery performance of Torrance?

4. And a Lot More

On top of these major updates we are constantly improving the platform with many small enhancements, often based on your ideas.

We are truly grateful for all the contribution from our users community, and are committed to delivering as much value as humanly possible. We will be happy to hear from you and understand your ideas to make TeamGuru even better.

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