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Published by Eva Strapková Eva Strapková · Aug 29, 2023

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Switch Between X-Matrix Views

Looking to share your strategy seamlessly with your team?

TeamGuru introduces a user-friendly solution by allowing you to present your strategy in an X-matrix view alongside a separate table of the Strategic Plan.


Harness the power of the collapsible sections to effortlessly conceal columns or reveal all content. This includes a live link to Strategy Action Lists, providing direct access to view comprehensive details.

Here's a handy tip: You can elevate your strategy management by filtering the view exclusively to linked KPIs, Objectives, and Targets. Just click on "Show Highlighted Items Only" to reveal the essential details and enhance your strategic insights.

Stay tuned - there are several more enhancements planned for this module that will be released soon. 


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Enhance Dependency Management: Introducing ETA as a New Linking Date for Actions 

Seeking precision in linked action successor dates? Curious about scenarios when a preceding action is delayed?

While all actions come with standard Due Dates, sometimes timelines shift. To meticulously track real dates while measuring original Due Date performance, leverage the ETA column to set a new date. TeamGuru's latest enhancement automatically associates actions with the ETA date once it's specified.


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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?

Right on! Our team is ready to answer your questions or assist whenever needed. 


(Please note some tasks might require sufficient rights.)

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