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Don't Get Lost Among Your Tasks

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Mar 14, 2023
Don't Get Lost Among Your Tasks

Leadership Standardized Work (LSW) is a tool that can help you and your teams to incorporate recurrent management practices and actions into your daily work.  

You can set up your own standard routine tasks, as well as share and delegate responsibilities with your team from a single place. The management of your daily work becomes clear and attainable for everyone involved.

LSW  provides among other things:

  • better task overview for managers, 
  • more convenient data entry for responsible team members, 
  • drives clarity, accountability, and control, 
  • enables easier weekly scheduling and many other benefits.

To support your own Leadership Standardized Work, take advantage of the latest enhancements in the LSW module where you can: 

  • Group similar activities together for easier oversight. For example, you can arrange related tasks in your LSW table by your processes, such as continuous improvement, strategy, learning, etc.
  • Capture the duration for each task to prioritize your focus and allocate more or less time where it is needed. Increase your productivity by asking questions such as, “Is my team spending a lot of time on a task that is not the priority?”
  • Monitor weekly summary view to keep on track. Statistics aggregate across categories and task duration to help you and your team members perform at their best. 

Leadership Standard Work​​

The Leadership Standardized Work tool is designed to help you to collaborate with your team methodically, diligently, and efficiently.

Start today and set up your weekly schedule, group your activity types and monitor your task attainment score.

What do you rely on to stay organized? 


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