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Run (Remote) Meetings like a Pro

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Apr 16, 2020
Run (Remote) Meetings like a Pro

Productive and flawless communication between teams and leadership is more than ever the TOP priority. Run your business operations remotely like an expert during this pandemic. ARE YOU SET UP to conduct repetitive meetings and at the same time easily track all your and team's assigned actions? 

We understand that in order to achieve most desirable results and to be successful, you have to connect, manage and monitor everyone's tasks efficiently. To be able to accomplish that, it is necessary to use the right tools to provide the most substantial guidance for your workforce.

TeamGuru has a great solution for you. Explore with us how you can set up repetitive meetings easily and assign actions DIRECTLY from within your meeting. Track agenda, meeting minutes & actions with a few clicks and escalate any problems from ONE PLACE.

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