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Ready to upgrade your 2021 metrics?

Published by Kristyna Gunter Kristyna Gunter · Jan 18, 2021
Ready to upgrade your 2021 metrics?
What a year we had! Whether you are new or seasoned TeamGuru fan, you know by now how much we strive to enable you and your teams to connect and be productive. 
And we are ready to elevate you even higher!
So, whether you are just starting or going for an upgrade (free of charge, mind you), you are going to be very pleased with our advanced metric calculations. 
You can set up and update your metrics right away with:
1. mathematical functions for precision and simplicity 
2. logical functions to satisfy wide-ranging business scenarios 
3. statistical functions for insights and analysis over your key performance indicators & other metrics
Get ready!
As the pandemic is shifting, so can you with advanced metric calculations:
Evaluate your performance with rolling YTD for more accurate impact.
Exclude certain data or set up conditions for what is to be calculated. Simply add one of our logical functions to fit your scenario (for example AND/OR/IF) and define the arguments for evaluations.
Make sense of your data and pinpoint and analyze your median values, minimum or maximum values, or standard deviations within your data sets. 
Ready to counter the impact of COVID-19 on your performance? Analyze the variances against your plans or forecasts and adjust accordingly to face 2021 with achievable and realistic expectations.
How you define and measure your performance is a critical element of your success. Now you can go as simple or as complex as you need. 
Feeling inspired? Click here for more!

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