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Your Off-the-Charts Statistics

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Sept 10, 2020
Your Off-the-Charts Statistics

Have you ever had an unsettling dream about your upcoming deadline, being unsure of the reported NUMBERS and presenting CHARTS that just don’t add up? 

Statistics is the science of data. But it doesn't need to be a rocket science to retrieve it. Would you like it if statistics were easier to work with? We have added two new statistical features that help you to evaluate your actions easier and faster.

At a glance, you can:

1. Examine your project's overall status including the status of all its subprojects
subproject status

2. Assess delivery of assigned actions including any of the related actionsrelated actions

Both features are easily accessible with a single click to present your statistics.

We have many other statistics available for your convenience. Learn more about action and dashboard's statistics to drive your data analysis even further.

Now you can just count the sheep and have a peaceful sleep. 

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