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How To Thrive & Operate Remotely

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Apr 15, 2020
How To Thrive & Operate Remotely

Many of us are struggling with health, financial and business uncertainty through this pandemic.  We understand that you might be juggling too many roles right now and how difficult it can be. Perhaps you are a leader, or a business owner exploring effective ways on how to lead and operate your company remotely. We can help you to support your employees with the right tools and guidance.

Rest assured, we have designed TeamGuru to support both on-site and remote operations, and we are here to connect your team members and empower them to deliver through the tough times.  

Take the full advantage of our powerful modules to optimize your business operations while working remotely. Discover how you can easily:

Manage Remote Meetings – share agenda, take notes and track follow up actions all in one place

Manage Reoccurring Expectations and Accountability – know at any given time what has been accomplished through your team’s Leadership Standardized Work 

Run Complex Projects –  have a clear overview of the main project as well as its subprojects and assess the status for each subproject without navigating away from your main project page

Get Fresh Updates Automatically – automate and schedule your status report to be delivered to your mailbox while you’re still enjoying your breakfast


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