How To: Define Customer Experience Strategy

Published by Kate Apking
Kate Apking · Apr 29, 2019
Kate Apking
Apr 29, 2019
How To: Define Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy is one of the most powerful instruments used to meet and exceed customer expectations during every interaction customer have with an organization. Customer experience is very exciting opportunity for business to increase revenues, and therefore company’s CX strategy needs to be as seamless as possible. 

What is CX Strategy?

CX strategy helps to engineer and define business goals, actions and investments oriented towards customers to drive business results, and serves as a roadmap to deliver and measure the progress of these objectives.

To create meaningful and positive customer experience, your CX strategy must to:

  • Recognize and analyze who your customers are - create buyers personas, 

  • Evaluate all digital support data such as channel reachability, convenience, flexibility, user-friendliness, and customization,

  • Determine customer centricity and what it means to you, then communicate across the company - dedicate CX executive who will help you to clarify and deliver this vision, 

  • Include all departments, its feedback and insight to be in alignment with company’s goals - provide guidance how to educate, direct and support your employees to provide  outstanding customer experience,

  • Take into account gap analysis between customer expectations and internal capabilities,

  • Consider important factors such as new technology, competitive insight, customer description/research/feedback, marketplace data, vision and KPIs,

  • Measure your ROI – one of the straightforward and most used is the Net Promoter Score “NPS” which gives you a valuable information by asking a simple questions” Would you recommend this company to a friend or relative?”

  • And use feedback and real-time customers surveys data (your most reliable source of insight), to extract all the crucial information to enhance your company’s CX.

Customer Experience Strategy is ongoing process and requires continuous effort to optimize your customers’ happiness. Listen, listen, listen to your customers - pay close attention to every single suggestion, complaint and compliment, and use all its acquired knowledge to improve your company’s CX.


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