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Glitz & Goals: Light Up into 2024 with Purpose

Published by Elise Foley Elise Foley · Jan 19, 2024
Glitz & Goals: Light Up into 2024 with Purpose

Kaizen metrics Go LIVE

Do you need to track metrics associated with your Kaizen Ideas? 

Now, the monitoring of system metrics in Kaizen has reached a higher standard. You have two choices: continue tracking manually created metrics (only within this module) or opt for the new feature to track existing metrics directly within the system.

When editing your Kaizen, navigate to the Metric Settings tab, where you'll find these options—choose one or both!



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Kaizen Project Dashboards

Ring in the New Year with exciting capabilities as the Kaizen module integrates seamlessly with the Metric Dashboard module. Create dashboards that track essential KPIs for your ideas, sparking innovation within your organization. Simply select Kaizen as your data entry object within Dashboard settings and witness your ideas coming to fruition.


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Are you ready to give these enhancements a try?

Right on! Our team is ready to answer your  questions or assist  whenever you need it. 


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