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Everyone Likes a Bit of ENHANCING

Published by Eva Strapková Eva Strapková · Dec 15, 2022
Everyone Likes a Bit of ENHANCING

line 4Protect your report slides 

Would you like to have more control over who can update your report?

Your golden ticket to perfect collaboration. Set up administrator(s) for your entire report or individual slides.  And if needed, do both. 

Protect Report and Slide Settings 


line 4

Mass import data by object ID 

Do you have to update your mapping template regularly because your project/object title has changed?

No more. Each object now has a unique ID number that you can use for data upload to the system. 

Just add the ID numbers to your file & use the Object ID option in the File template. 

Mass import data by using object ID 

object id

line 4

Filter your actions by label

Do you need to search for your own or your team's actions by their label? 

Use the My/All Actions option under the Action Lists module & use the Advanced Filter section to use Labels.

 my all 2my all

line 4

Lock your Quality Alert's settings

Would you like to choose who can edit your Quality Alert document & also protect its settings? 

Protect settings feature and document administrators option are now ready in the Quality Alert module too. 

quality alert

line 4

Deactivate / Activate your Metrics in the dashboard

Do you need to deactivate or activate all metrics for one object or all objects for a specific metric at once?

You will enjoy this feature especially when managing large dashboards. Right-click on the metric OR object & choose the mass option. 

line 4


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