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Striking a Balance: Leading vs. Lagging KPIs

Samantha Johnson · Dec 4, 2023

Let's delve into how businesses can strike a balance and use KPIs to drive success. Read more

After the Rush: Lean Thinking for Next Black Friday

Samantha Johnson · Nov 27, 2023

It’s the perfect time to analyze, learn, and implement changes. Read more

Captain's Guide to Self-Management

Samantha Johnson · Nov 20, 2023

Take a moment to reflect: In the vast ocean of professional life, who is truly guiding you? Read more

Energize Your Success: Beyond Time Management

Samantha Johnson · Nov 14, 2023

Let's shift our perspective to a transformative idea: managing energy, not just time. Read more

Hoshin Planning Cheatsheet

Samantha Johnson · Nov 6, 2023

We've put together a handy cheatsheet to guide you through organizing a Hoshin Planning workshop and its subsequent processes. Read more

Lean 101: Path to Business Excellence

Samantha Johnson · Oct 27, 2023

While the sight of a hamburger might not immediately evoke thoughts of "efficiency," there's an underlying story worth noting. Read more

Beat Work Stress in Just 10 Minutes

Samantha Johnson · Oct 16, 2023

Whether it's a looming deadline, an unexpected conflict, or simply an overwhelming day, our response to stress is pivotal. Read more

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Learn This Success Trick

Samantha Johnson · Oct 10, 2023

The finish lines that impact others—clients, bosses, or teammates—carry a bit of extra sparkle. Read more

Hoshin Planning: Pivoting in Economic Downturns

Samantha Johnson · Oct 2, 2023

Ensure precise alignment, clarity, and powerful execution Read more

Integrated Program Management: Tips for the Visionary Leader

Samantha Johnson · Sept 25, 2023

Managing projects is akin to orchestrating a mission to space. Read more

HR's Turn: From 'Resources' to 'Relationships'

Samantha Johnson · Sept 11, 2023

Your team members aren't just resources; they're vibrant individuals with their own interests Read more

Transforming Leadership Styles for the 21st Century

Samantha Johnson · Aug 7, 2023

We all stand at a critical juncture, ready to embrace a new leadership ethos Read more

Turning Tides: Leveraging Crises for Business Opportunities

Samantha Johnson · Aug 1, 2023

Business history is riddled with stories of companies that not only survived crises Read more

Fostering Autonomy and Innovation: A 4th of July Business Reflection

Samantha Johnson · June 26, 2023

As we approach the 4th of July, the United States is getting ready to celebrate Read more

Mid-Year Review: Your Golden Ticket to Self-Reflection

Samantha Johnson · July 5, 2023

It's time for the greatest show of the year - the mid-year review! Read more

Emotions and Hard Facts in Business Decision-Making

Samantha Johnson · June 19, 2023

We're diving into the fascinating realm of decision-making - a subtle dance between hard facts and emotions Read more

Momentum in Improvement Trumps All in Business

Samantha Johnson · June 12, 2023

Let's delve into why the journey of continuous improvement matters more than where you currently stand Read more

Keep it Simple, Keep it Productive

Samantha Johnson · June 5, 2023

Let's delve into a powerful concept that holds the secret to increased productivity, Read more

LSW Hidden Gem: Riding the Positivity Wave at Work

Samantha Johnson · May 29, 2023

Are you ready to tap into the secret power of positivity and see how it can revolutionize your workplace? Read more

Reimagining Standardized Work: The Magic Unleashed

Samantha Johnson · May 22, 2023

Imagine a workspace where everyone knows the secret tricks to performing tasks the best known way. Read more

Handoff to Completion: Delegation Without Dropping the Ball

Samantha Johnson · May 15, 2023

Delegation is an essential skill for maximizing productivity and utilizing the unique strengths of team members. Read more

How to Nurture a Sense of Purpose at Work

Samantha Johnson · May 8, 2023

A sense of purpose at work is an essential element for personal growth, happiness, and overall success. Read more

Dig Deeper for True Answers: Utilize the 5 Why Analysis

Samantha Johnson · May 1, 2023

Are you tired of addressing issues only to have them resurface later? Read more

The Art of Strategic Project Planning: The TeamGuru Way to Success

Samantha Johnson · Apr 24, 2023

How to Escape the Work Breakdown Structure Vortex and Soar to Strategic Heights Read more

Peaceful Productivity: Tips for Being Effective While Staying Relaxed

Samantha Johnson · Apr 17, 2023

Imagine a world where you can master your daily tasks with ease Read more

Getting to 'Yes' and Beyond: Mastering the Art of Effective Negotiation

Samantha Johnson · Apr 11, 2023

Are you ready to up your negotiation game? Read more

Cracking the Metrics Code: How to Skyrocket Your Company's Performance

Samantha Johnson · Apr 3, 2023

Buckle up, we're diving into the exciting world of metrics! Read more

Bye-Bye Boring Audits! Hello Leadership Standardized Work!

Samantha Johnson · Mar 24, 2023

Are you seeking a more effective and efficient alternative to traditional process audits? Read more

4 Benefits of the 8D Detective Mindset

Samantha Johnson · Feb 27, 2023

Are you tired of dealing with the same business issues over and over again? Read more

Beat the Mid-Day Slump: Tips to Keep You Energized at Work

Samantha Johnson · Feb 8, 2023

Here are some fun and creative tips to help you power through your work day and stay energized Read more

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