TeamGuru is the ultimate leadership tool for lean operations teams worldwide.

Partners: Engage Your Customers and Suppliers to Build a Better Supply Chain.

You cannot build a great business alone. Share information, execute improvement projects and fix issues together.

Collaborating on projects or corrective actions across the supply chain has never been easier. Invite your partners and track all actions in one place. No longer will updates from partners be hidden inside someone's inbox. You, your vendors and your customers will be on the same page and you will succeed faster.

See it in action and let us show you how TeamGuru can help you to collaborate with your partners.

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Resolve problems quickly (5-Why, Pareto, Corrective Actions). Learn More

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Strategic Leadership

Quality Alerts

Protect customers from negative impact of quality issue. Learn More

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Operations Excellence

8D Reports

Assure an in-depth root cause analysis and follow-up. Learn More

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Operations Excellence