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Take Control of Your Matrix

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Dec 2, 2022
Take Control of Your Matrix

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Conquer the order of your skills

How would you like to view the skills in your Skill Matrix? 

Drive the order of your skills either automatically by their position or manually. Don't forget to set up alphabetical order in your Skill Group.


* Please note sufficient rights are required.

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Find users by their ID number

Would you like to assign your own user ID to simplify the search?

Look up & select your employee based on name, email address, or their ID number. Just add ID numbers in the system & search.

id numberid 

* Please note sufficient rights are required.

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Identify top issues using 80 - 20 principle

Would you like to view the 80% margin in your report? 

Make the most impact and prioritize the rights initiatives.

Pareto line

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Set a deadline for your document's approval process

Would you like to set up a deadline date directly in your document? 

The approval process will automatically end based on the date. It will be either approved or rejected according to the selected condition.


 * Please note sufficient rights are required.

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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?

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