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Reimagining Standardized Work: The Magic Unleashed

Published by Samantha Johnson Samantha Johnson · May 22, 2023
Reimagining Standardized Work: The Magic Unleashed

Standardized work often gets a bad reputation. It's frequently deemed as dull, tedious, or even restrictive. But let's pause for a moment and consider an alternate perspective. Imagine a workspace where everyone knows the secret tricks to performing tasks the best known way. Where everyone is continuously inspired and encouraged to improve, enhancing efficiency and productivity. This is the magic of standardized work.

Viewing Standardization as Best Practice

The key to transforming the perception of standardization lies in a change of mindset. Instead of viewing standards as boring checklists, think of them as the codified best practices – a consolidation of wisdom from various experiences and backgrounds. They are the golden path charted by those who have gone before, promising us fewer mistakes, enhanced safety, improved quality, and greater efficiency. 

Creating the Magic: Determining the Best Known Way

But how do we determine this best known way? It starts with a principle rooted deeply in Lean methodology: GEMBA, which translates to "go and see." This approach encourages individuals to go to the place where the work is happening, understand the process, and identify potential improvement opportunities.

Engage the team in this process - after all, who better knows the intricacies of the work than those who perform it daily? Encourage team members to observe each other's methods and processes. These observations will often lead to insights about potential improvements, leading to the identification of the "best known method."

The Power of Teamwork and Celebration

Making standardization a team activity adds another level of magic to the process. It fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among team members. When the team collectively decides the best way to perform a task, they are more likely to adhere to it. Celebrate the determination of the standard process, reinforcing the team's efforts and achievements. This celebration acts as a powerful morale booster, encouraging the team to continue their quest for continuous improvement.

The Journey of Continuous Improvement

Once the best known method is determined and standardized, it doesn't mean it's set in stone. Quite the contrary. Encourage everyone to challenge the standardized process continually, looking for even better ways to perform the task. Remember, the "best" method is only the "best" until a better one is found. 

Until the next round of improvements, keeping the standardized work in place is beneficial. It contributes to process safety, quality, and productivity, providing a firm foundation upon which further enhancements can be built.

TeamGuru: Your Partner in Standardization

With TeamGuru, you have a partner to support you in building a standardized management operating system. TeamGuru's modules are designed with best practices and standardized processes at their core, making the task of standardizing work easier and more efficient.

Standardized work doesn't have to be boring. It can be the magic that propels your organization towards excellence, empowering each member to contribute their best while continually striving for improvement. So, let's start weaving this magic today!

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