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@Ping Your Colleague from KPI Field

Published by Eva Strapková Eva Strapková · Aug 25, 2022
@Ping Your Colleague from KPI Field

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@Mentions in Dashboard's Comments 

You can now mention your colleagues' names in the data entry comment field to drive their attention.

They will be notified by TG notification & by email with a live link. 

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Copy Your Personal LSW 

Do you need to easily copy your Leadership Standardized Work document to another team member(s)?

Just hit 'COPY' in the settings, choose the user's name & replace the tasks responsible.  

Don't forget to link your tasks with the related metric/object and manage it from your 'Today's LSW Actions' section. 

 LSW 5lsw

Please note: Predefined task settings will also be included.

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Sort Data According to a Metric Value

Would you like to view data tied to a certain metric in your dashboard?

Besides the Metric dashboard filters, now you can also use an option to sort your data by the metric value. 

sort newest

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Show Related Actions in the Actions Widget 

Would you like to display Related Actions in your Report? 

Now you have a choice to include Regular actions, Related Actions, or both. 

actions 4

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 Advanced Filter in Users List

The recently added user mass management functionality is now supported by a new filter, including EID number, TG system ID, emails, and login.

Just select the attribute and enter the list of values below. 

advanced filter

* System administrative rights required

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Are you ready to give any of these enhancements a try?


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