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Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Dec 1, 2018

How many of you just got shivers reading this title and how many of you are actually very excited to set up new goals for the NEW YEAR?

According to many studies and statistics, most of the people fail to follow through their resolution list. And the main reason why? They set up their expectations too high and too radically without having a supporting system in place.  There are three main keys behind a New Year’s Resolution science:

1.    Determine small steps and set up the right environment to achieve the primary goal.  Stay realistic.

2.    Verbalize your ambitions and be very specific. Plan ahead. Break a year into monthly tasks, weekly tasks and daily tasks. Write them down and put them on a calendar.

3.    Stick with it. Many people reach their goals, but then fall back into their old habits, behaviors and have to start from the scratch (perhaps following year).

Most of the new resolutions relate either to must/should do list - our financial, job, living and health situation. Other are more focused how to enrich our lives (volunteering work, plan reuniting trip with your friends, plan a vacation with your family to visit a place you always dreamed of, take a random classes, do something different, creative etc.).


TIME setup

EVALUATE your life

ALTER your habits

MAKE plans

GOALS set up and be specific

UTILIZE your projection

REACH your ambitions

UPGRADE to the higher level

And please - don’t be hard on yourself with a New Year’s resolutions. There is always a sense of humor that seas the day and all the troubles. Enjoy!

A Happy New Year 2019 full of happiness, love and success to you from all of us at TeamGuru. We appreciate every single one of you to make our dreams and goals come through. You’ve been amazing all year long and we are very grateful to be your choice. YOU ROCK!

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