Fully Automated Reports

Published by Kate Apking
Kate Apking · Apr 1, 2019
Kate Apking
Apr 1, 2019
Fully Automated Reports

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your day-to-day reports? 

You set it up once and reuse indefinitely. There is no need to constantly cut & paste the KPI data or project status reports from the report you were putting together last month. The fresh report gets generated with a single click.

  • TeamGuru “Reports” module is used for any type of regular reporting.
  • All your data can be found in one place with traceable history. 
  • You simply create copy of your slides with a SINGLE click and update individual slide(s) as you work through your arrangement or whole presentation at once.  
  • Use the existing real-time data DIRECTLY from the system. 
  • And now you can even have your report fully automated AND sent directly to your mailbox.

Is it really that easy? YES, it is.

We invite you to try our Reports module and sign up for FREE trial. To learn how to use our Reports, please check our video tutorials:

1.  How to create a New Report 

2.  Reports: Part II (Metric Widgets)

3.  Reports: Part III (Projects and Other Widgets).

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