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Cheat Sheet for All Your Assigned Actions

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Nov 26, 2019
Cheat Sheet for All Your Assigned Actions

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"My team and I have so many assigned actions. It is nearly impossible to keep track of them. Coming from the areas of our responsibilities like A3 projects, RCCAs, 8Ds and any other related actions; they are starting to get quite overwhelming. Also, we are supposed to know the status and updates at any given time. Yeah, right". Are you facing the same problem?

How about I tell you that in TeamGuru you can get super handy and quick overview of all actions! But psst, we won't tell that you have it from us. Just share and take the spotlight! These actions can be filtered per user(s), project type, locations, status and more. Crazy, right? 

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