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2021 TeamGuru Wrap-Up

Published by Kate Apking Kate Apking · Dec 8, 2021
2021 TeamGuru Wrap-Up

It all starts with YOU.

Because YOU ARE AMAZING and inspire us every day, our team is passionate to turn your brilliant ideas into reality. Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

And now, why don’t you simply sit back, put your feet up and celebrate your work well done? Enjoy the wood crackling in the fireplace and while sipping on your hot cocoa... have the season spirit take you through all the fantastic new features ready for you.

Metric Dashboards

Action Lists



  • Approval process templates involve your key approvers   
  • Set the validity date based on your approval fully automated 
  • Tailor your documents’ expiration reminders to stay on top 


  • Go live button start your meeting and save your time
  • Subscribe to receive your meeting agenda under Subscription Tab


We wish you a cozy holiday season filled with love, good health, surrounded by friends and family.

Special jingle, jingle to our superbrains behind the scenes - our tech team! We appreciate everything you do to make the magic happen. Cheers!


More enhancements sparkling YOUR WAY


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