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Introducing Leadership Stanardized Work for teams

28 Jan

Exciting news! Our CEO Pavel Humlicek will be presenting in Seattle at the 2018 World Conference on Quality and Imp…

29 Jan

Getting inspired by legends of Lean at #euleansummit17

13 Oct

Here are a few personal tips how not to get too crazy getting back from your dream vacation.

1 Aug

Skill Matrix: Building a Flexible Team

10 Jul

Master your daily planning

23 Jun

Recent Enhancements / 2017 Outlook in TeamGuru

9 Jan

Did you know that you can copy multiple data from your XLS file and paste them into the Metric Dashboards easily?

1 Jul

PHP developer wanter...

18 Apr Great to be part of the Hoshin round table at 2016 Lean Transf. Summit #lean16

17 Mar

Looking forward forward to seeing you at 2016 @ASQ Lean and Six Sigma conference.

19 Jan

3 Ways to Encourage Smarter Teamwork

8 Sep

We are proud to welcome a new client: C.H. Robinson - a leading global third party logistics (3PL) provider

1 Sep

An excellent speech on innovation from @GuyKawasaki

17 Aug

We love interacting with leaders who are striving for #excellence. Just visited #SRAM team.

21 Apr

#HoshinPlanning / #StrategyDeployment time is here. Remember the Two Choices - #strategy principle from @HarvardBiz

12 Dec

Cloud migration: a rare chance to rethink business processes

11 Dec

The key points of effective #strategy execution from @HarvardBiz

11 Dec

Another great technology company is joining TeamGuru.

10 Sep

More than 70 enhancements implemented within the first 4 months of 2014. Thanks again to everybody sharing their thoughts and ideas!

14 May

Just completed a next round of speed improvements. Enjoy your faster TG experience.

7 Jan

We are excited to work on a new way of creating business reports. Combining the power of live TG data with your custom content.

1 Nov

From the beginning of 2013 we have released 70 updates with more than 100 new features. Innovation never stops - a lot more is coming :-)

2 Sep

Refreshed TeamGuru website will be launched VERY soon...

21 Aug

Finalizing ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification process.

1 Aug

First draft of the meeting timer appearance...

1 Aug

We are thinking of adding a countdown clock to the standardized meetings module #MeetingsFinishedOntime

10 Jul

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