Leverage Technology to Communicate with Your Supply Chain Partners

Published by Kate Apking
Kate Apking · Sept 17, 2019
Kate Apking
Sept 17, 2019
Leverage Technology to Communicate with Your Supply Chain Partners
Our module "Partners" helps you to manage information and consolidate contacts, related documents, actions and shared information for your external partners (customers, suppliers) in one place.
You are able to customize and assign any role to your external partner, and also share any specific documents within TeamGuru system. Engage your customers and suppliers not only with 8D Reports, A3 Projects and Standardized meetings, but also with all the other documents from our 13 modules. 
Explore our Partners module and Sign up for a TeamGuru trial today. You can also request a call with one of our specialists who will be happy to walk you through the solution and offer a demo aligned to your company's needs.
Video Guide: How to share documents with your partners

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