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TeamGuru helps you build and run your company management system.Eliminate cluttered Excel and PowerPoint reports from your leadership processes.

Companies using TeamGuru to lead their operations include​​​​​​​​


TeamGuru has brought us visibility, clarity and standards. We make better informed decisions, easier and quicker.

It is especially valuable when you have many sites that need to be stitched together with a management operating system.

— Jeff Herrell, Director of Operations at Honeywell


TeamGuru has provided our company with an extremely valuable tool to drive our business strategy, execute our action plans and easily measure performance all in one location.

If you have a need for high powered programs to help drive your strategies then TeamGuru is your answer!

— Sam Carver, VP Operations at A. O. Smith


Online Tool for Business Leaders

Goal Deployment

Deploy strategic objectives through your organization. Track the progress using the interlinked A3 action lists and metric dashboards.

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Metric Dashboards

Set up crisp dashboards to visualize your KPIs. Track abnormalities and assign corrective actions directly from any dashboard.

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Action Lists

Track actions from all projects and meetings in one place. Receive automatic notifications and drive on-time completion.

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Analysis & Corrective Actions

Analyze problems using straight forward tools (5-Why, Pareto). Assign fully tracked corrective and preventive actions.

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Standardized Meetings

Get control over your meetings. Track agenda and attendance, capture meetings minutes and actions in one click.

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Enable rapid response to operations stoppage through an immediate notification and escalation system.

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Quality Alerts

Capture the basic facts about any quality issue. Communicate and track actions with all stakeholders until resolved.

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8D Reports

Perform an in-depth root cause analysis and corrective actions. Keep relevant  suppliers or customers in the loop.

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Drive change management and other key processes with standardized checklists. Assure critical steps are performed every time.

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Utilize a simple document management system with built-in version control, approval and distribution processes.

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Work Instructions

Create modern standardized work instructions containing key points, photos and videos to assure process quality and repeatability.

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Manage your teams flexibility and training plans. Assure critical skills are available when needed and reviewed regulary.

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Manage and share the key information and activities related to your supply chain partners - customers or suppliers.

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Shared Reports

Communicate performance reports to your supply chain partners. Interact together to resolve all issues.

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Great Processes

The system utilizes processes and tools of Lean operations boosted with the experience and hundreds of great ideas of its users.

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Rock Solid Security

TeamGuru processes follow a multi-layered approach to manage all aspects of security, data protection and data privacy.

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Delivered as Service

Enjoy the Plug&Play concept. Your system can be set-up within hours, no IT support needed. We will guide you throughout the TeamGuru use.

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